Re-Encode to MKV

Download RipBot264 here. Extract using 7zip
From 800MB to 250MB is AWESOME. I re-encode 800MB video file .avi format to .mkv format and lock the file-size to 250MB using RipBot264. RipBot264 also have many other options; crop, add subs, re-size resolution and more. This small app written in Delphi is specially for people looking for something simple without exotic filters and unnecessary settings. For a basic computer user, you may need some other apps to be able to run
RipBot264. But dont worry coz RipBot264 will let you know about it. Btw, i got a lot of PM's about re-encode, thats why today i 'reveal' this XD

Download from original source (AVI Format, 800MB)
Re-Encode using RipBox264 (MKV Format, 250MB)

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  1. abg ikhwan setiap kali sy lock the size kbpsnya akn trn dan bile nvrt gambr jd tak cntk. sy dah ikt gmbr yg dtnjkkn tp tak blh dan ambil masa yg terlalu lama......please....tlg sy......

  2. awk tmbah lagi kbps..convert..
    lagi besar kbps, lgi cntik die punya qualiti movie

  3. sy mmg dh tmbh kbpsnya tp setiap kali tmbh kbps saiznya jgk akn ikut brtmbh walhal sy dah lock size tp ttp x le jgak...dh tk tau nk wat mcm mane....tolooooongggg......