Get Your Computer To Have an FBI Login Screen

1) Download LogonStudios

2) Download the FBI file


3) The switch user button was annoying me so i downloaded this to remove it.

Now Dont flame me for the virus scan of this megaupload file BECAUSE its a registry file.

Start it up, then open it and it'll do the rest

For the users that want their 'switch user' button back download this :

Just run the file and it will return your button.

credit goes to Work Ace &

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  1. MrFamous Impostor TDOctober 23, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    ini nak tukar log on screen ke?

  2. tiada tutorial bergambar ker bro ?

  3. tidak ada... senang je kot, ikut step by step je.. n siap...

  4. win 7 blh gne ke ??